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Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement


The Whole Woman is a multicultural women’s wellness organization designed to inspire women from all walks of life and generations to gather in judgement - free environments to experience a change in mind – set through revitalization, restoration, and self-revelation in order to move towards leading a healthy well balanced whole life.



Our Values


The Whole Woman provides opportunities for 21st- century women from diverse backgrounds to gather in judgement - free zones to experience life changing programming designed to assist women through unpacking life’s journey and ultimately gaining self-actualization. Whether you’re a Gen Xer, Baby Boomer, or Traditionalist, The Whole Woman invites you to engage ALL your senses in order to move yourself towards healthy options to live your Whole life.


Most women have adopted the, “I’m Every Woman” syndrome; In our quest to be fulfilled, our super woman persona often times leaves us feeling empty, inadequate or falling short of our perceived superwoman image. Perception is often deemed reality. So, our shortcomings gnaw away at our ultimate goals and often become the focus as opposed to our initial intent which is to extol and embrace our wholeness. 


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