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Graduate of Montclair State University

Location: Englewood, NJ

Available for National and International Speaking Engagements

Natalie McKenzie, founder and CEO of The Whole Woman, LLC., is an experienced health advocate, wellness/ lifestyle coach and entrepreneur. The Whole Woman, is designed to inspire all women, to engage ALL her senses through a series of wellness experiences. In an environment that is inviting, relaxing and unbiased; multicultural, multiethnic women are embraced and invited to share in an experience of living in the moment, celebrating ‘the being’ versus the doing. Women share their concerns and sensitivities while celebrating their victories.


Natalie’s background in the hospitality industry, her training and certifications as a master personal fitness trainer, and education as a health advocate/educator, enables her to connect with women of varied backgrounds and origins in a way that is unique to one who was raised in a multicultural community and multi-ethnic family. Her passion for health and wellness of the whole person gives her a unique perspective on self actualization.


Natalie alights from the shores of the island of Jamaica, from a large family of 13 which has prepared her to easily embrace the unique personality and perception of each person. Her passion for people leads her on the path as a community health specialist and health care advocate on behalf of others to ensure their access to healthcare.


Natalie's commitment to the improvement and access of education and healthcare for women and children in underserved communities led her, in 2009, to serve as host and fund developer for New Jersey’s own Community Resource Council.  


In the wake of the Haiti’s earthquake 2010, Natalie answered the clarion call and joined forces with the Arise & Walk Ministries Foundation, whose ministry and mission is to meet the health and wellness needs of children affected by the tumultuous earthquake. 


Natalie has received numerous awards including; The Humanitarian Award by 4Gs Book Club, The Community Service Award from the Community Resource Center and The Spirit Award based from Arise and Walk Ministries Foundation.  


A graduate of Montclair State University, Natalie is committed to greatness by presenting herself as a lifelong learner, to foster continuous improvement and innovation so, The Whole Woman, can return to her environment with an ignited spark and renewed passion for ‘whole living’.   


Natalie’s whole life living philosophy begins in her home in Englewood, New Jersey where she resides with her husband Obie McKenzie.  


2010 - present
2010 - present
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